What Is My Router IP?

Our tool is best suited to automatically detect your router IP address. But it does not work perfectly on all devices. It works best on desktop computers. All you have to do is wait a few seconds and your router IP address ( default gateway ) will be displayed below.

Did it work?

Do you see an IP address like or ? If yes, then our tool has found your router IP and you can click on the above IP and you should be redirected to your router login.

The found IP address does not work for me

Our tool works finds the right IP for most systems. But in few cases it may not find an IP or a wrong IP. This is not that bad, because there are other ways to find out your router IP address. The most promising option is to look in the manual of your router for the default IP/Default Gateway.

I have no manual for my router

Don't worry. Read our short guide that works for all routers. There you can also find the right manual for your router. If we can't provide a manual for your router either, there is still the option to try different default IP addresses that are often used by your router manufacturer.